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Praise for Elixir

“I love Jennifer’s writing, there is just something about it that just grabs you and refuses to let go and even though I love Alex’s voice I love Aiden’s so much more.”
- Winter Haven Books

Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a must read for all the fans of her Covenant series whether they're Team Seth or Team Aiden. It will no doubt make the release for the highly anticipated fourth installment a little easier to bear.”

 - These Flying Pages


I absolutely loved this novella and for such a short piece, I was surprised just how entertaining it was and how much information we got from it.  It was wonderful to see from Aiden’s perspective and while Seth was really nowhere to be seen, the absence of him was everywhere.  I am definitely ordering the paperback for my collection.  Five stars again for Ms Armentrout.

 - Narratively Speaking