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Our People:

Deborah Britt-Hay (Editor of The Ganzfield Series and Angelina's Secret) has been editing for more than a dozen years. She has written and published both fiction and nonfiction books, including the novel Dark Justice

Jennifer Carson (Editor of Real Girls Don't Rust) is a mom, wife, author, designer and artist. She holds a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and has published both fiction and nonfiction books and articles. She particularly enjoys Middle Grade and YA fantasy with out of this world characters and a dash of humor.

Vikki Ciaffone (Editor-in-Chief of Spence City, Editor of Perfection, Breaking Glass, Untouched, and Obsidian Pebble, Co-Editor of Finn Finnegan, Gideon's Spear, Awoken, Children of the Veil, Siren Song, The Kelpie, and Blood Bound) has been editing spec-fic for years. She originally joined Spencer Hill as an UnCONtributor.

Danielle Ellison (Editor of The Dollhouse Asylum, Co-Editor of Extracted, Sing Sweet Nightingale, and Fireblood) is an aspiring young adult author with an unhealthy obsession of fictional worlds. She started out at SHP as an intern and quickly fell in love with the journey a story (and its author) goes on while editing. When she's not writing or editing, Danielle is blogging at Tangled Up in Words, hanging out on Twitter (@DanielleEWrites), and drinking too much coffee.

Kate Kaynak (Managing Editor at Spencer Hill Press, Editor of The Covenant Series, Cursed, The Veil Trilogy, PODs, and Amarok, Co-Editor of UnCONventional, Milayna, Elemental, and Fae) is the author of Minder, Adversary, Legacy, Accused, and Operative.

Patricia Riley (Managing Editor at Spencer Hill Contemporary, Co-Editor of Triangles, Extracted, Sing Sweet Nightingale, and Fireblood) blogs at Tangled Up in Words and loves reading all things YA, writing, and spending time with her husband and kids.

Marie Romero (Senior Editor, Co-Editor of Swamp Angel and Siren Song) first joined us as a summer intern while still an undergraduate at Wellesley College. We were so impressed we offered her a paid position. 

Richard "Platinum" Storrs (Editor of the Guardian Legacy series and Whisper Falls, Co-Editor of Holiday Magick and Swamp Angel) worked behind the scenes on the Ganzfield series for years before we made him an official part of Spencer Hill. He's known as "The Closer" for his incredible editing skills; after he's done with a manuscript, it's ready to go to press.

Trisha J. Wooldridge (Editor of Touch of Death, Stalked by Death, and The Monster Within, Co-Editor of UnCONventional, Finn Finnegan, Gideon's Spear, Triangles, Doorways to Extra Time, and Blood Bound) has written short fiction for the EPPIE Award winning Bad-Ass Fairies 2: Just Plain Bad and is a contributing editor and contributor to numerous magazines. She has also done developmental editing, copy editing and critiquing for business books, tutoring handbooks, short fiction, non-fiction articles, essays, novels and even video game dialogue!

Jessica Porteous
(Editor, Co-Editor of Holiday Magick) has been beta reading and proofing our books almost from the beginning. She's taking on a new role as Co-Editor of our next anthology.

Anthony Francis (Associate Editor, Co-Editor of Doorways to Extra Time) joined SHP as an UnCONtributor. He’s the author of the award winning urban fantasy novel Frost Moon and its sequel Blood Rock, both starring magical tattoo artist Dakota Frost. You can follow Anthony on the web at www.dresan.com and Dakota Frost at www.dakotafrost.com.

Kathryn Radzik (Associate Editor, Co-Editor of Milayna) came to us at the recommendation of one of our authors, and she quickly proved her worth. 

Owen Dean (EA) is a Hopkinton, NH native, a prospective author, and a full-time student of Elmira College in New York. He takes his inspiration from comic books, role-playing games, and the works of authors like Terry Pratchett.

Christina Ferko

Nick Kessler
(Copy Editor) is not only a member of the editing team, he's also our legal and political advisor.

Laura LaTulipe's (Copy Editor) love of books and grammar led her to beta read for friends and a few aspiring writers. From there, she found editing. She loves coffee, the sound of her kids’ laughter, grammar books, and her MP3 player.

Shira Lipkin (Copy Editor) is a writer, activist, and very short person. She has more details on shiralipkin.com.

Keshia Swaim
(Copy Editor) first came to Spencer Hill as an UnCONtributor, and now is taking on an editorial role. Her debut novel Blood Bound, will be released in 2013.

Tatiana Ventura (Copy Editor)

Laura Ownbey
(EA) blogs at Red Pen Reviews and is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a double major in English and Peace, War, and Defense. She loves sweet tea, reading all things sci-fi or fantasy, and practicing martial arts.

Lindsay Smith (EA)

Rebecca Mancini
of Rights Mix represents our titles. Please contact her at: mancinirj <at> verizon <dot> net if you are interested in foreign or film rights. 

Kendra Saunders handles our marketing and promotions. Her novel, Inanimate Objects, was released in 2011. For more information about her writing, and for helpful writing tips and links, visit her website. www.kendralsaunders.com.

Interns 2012-13:

Reviewer Liaison
    Kellie Sheridan

    Briana Dyrness
Britta Gigliotti

    John Jacobson
    Anna Masrud

    Harmony Beaufort
    Linda Braus
    Kristin Brophy
    Michelle Hampton
    Abigail Marshall
    Sara Muller
    Keri Payton
    Tara Turner

Copy Editing
    Christin Baker
    Rachael Kirkendall
    Jill Marie Swanson
    Sydnee Thompson

    Jazmin Labrada
    Rachel Patrick
    Tabitha Sanchezr

Praise Pages
    Emilie Couture
    Aeicha Matteson
    Vivian Nguyen

    MaryAnn Oprea

Spencer Hill Press is a DBA company name registered in the state of New Hampshire to Kaynak LLC, which is owned by Osman Kaynak. We are a family business that started in 2010.