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Timothy W. C. Miller was born in Wisconsin in 1974. He moved to the Green Bay area when he was eight and proceeded to shock his schoolteachers with his intellect, his lust for reading, and his seemingly insurmountable lack of interest in personal academic achievement.

He left home at fifteen, worked at a dairy farm, a meatpacking plant, a pickle factory, a casino, and a rowdy nightclub as a bouncer. At nineteen, he settled down as a repair technician for a telephone company. While repairing lines in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, he began including short stories in the letters he sent home to his eldest daughter. When he returned from Louisiana, he brought back a stuffed alligator and an irresistible urge to keep putting words to paper. He bought a laptop, learned to type, and soon found the course of his universe forever changed as worlds and titans rose and fell beneath his keystrokes.

His first YA novel, Awoken, is scheduled for release in August, 2013.